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Be The Change

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" -Ghandi. I am sick and tired of sitting back and watching as this world continues to spiral out of control. I want to make a change. I want to make a difference. I want to make that difference now.

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Sep 15 '12

A Chat I Had This Morning With An Ignorant Male Who Doesn't Understand The Definition of EQUALITY

  • The convo topic was Male Privilege (what else)
  • Me: I look forward to the day women gain equality
  • Him: Honesty I don't think equality is possible as we are different, but fairness and legitimacy should happen
  • Me: All people are different no matter what gender/sex you are. Everyone deserves to be treated as an equal regardless of anything. class rank/job/money/color/sexuality/gender/bodysize/religion/ethnic background/handicap/etc etc etc. Equality doesn't mean we're all the same it just means we all deserve the same amount of respect/rights/opportunities.
  • Him: Ok I agree with a lot of that, but I dunno I'm just not fully on board with the equality term...
  • Me: I don't understand how you do not agree with the term equality but ok
  • Him: Come to the concrete plant with me and work a day with the sledgehammer. We are different, you shouldn't be treated bad cause of it but in the end we are.
  • Me: I think you are confusing the term ABILITY with EQUALITY.
  • Him: Maybe I am but that's all I am saying
  • In case anyone was wondering the definition of EQUALITY is: The state of being equal, esp. in status, rights, and opportunities. NOT whether or not you can/are willing to lift a sledge hammer. So sorry sir but your argument is INVALID
Sep 16 '11

You’re On The Right Track Baby, You Were Born This Way !!


You’re On The Right Track Baby, You Were Born This Way !!