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Be The Change

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" -Ghandi. I am sick and tired of sitting back and watching as this world continues to spiral out of control. I want to make a change. I want to make a difference. I want to make that difference now.

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Sep 15 '12

A Chat I Had This Morning With An Ignorant Male Who Doesn't Understand The Definition of EQUALITY

  • The convo topic was Male Privilege (what else)
  • Me: I look forward to the day women gain equality
  • Him: Honesty I don't think equality is possible as we are different, but fairness and legitimacy should happen
  • Me: All people are different no matter what gender/sex you are. Everyone deserves to be treated as an equal regardless of anything. class rank/job/money/color/sexuality/gender/bodysize/religion/ethnic background/handicap/etc etc etc. Equality doesn't mean we're all the same it just means we all deserve the same amount of respect/rights/opportunities.
  • Him: Ok I agree with a lot of that, but I dunno I'm just not fully on board with the equality term...
  • Me: I don't understand how you do not agree with the term equality but ok
  • Him: Come to the concrete plant with me and work a day with the sledgehammer. We are different, you shouldn't be treated bad cause of it but in the end we are.
  • Me: I think you are confusing the term ABILITY with EQUALITY.
  • Him: Maybe I am but that's all I am saying
  • In case anyone was wondering the definition of EQUALITY is: The state of being equal, esp. in status, rights, and opportunities. NOT whether or not you can/are willing to lift a sledge hammer. So sorry sir but your argument is INVALID
Jul 6 '12
"Its bathing suit season again and…horrors…you are TOO SKINNY! Working in the media and looking at diet and exercise articles aimed at whittling your beach body every day, it’s a jolt to see vintage ads promising popularity to women (and men) by adding pounds and inches. “Since I gained 10 pounds,” reads one, “I have all the dates I want.” Obesity rates started taking off around 1975, about the same time these ads dwindled. But it’s not just that people went overboard with sugar and fat consumption and portion size so the media needed to push a thinner look. The perception of acceptable body size changed as well. Voluptuous gals like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Raquel Welch flaunted their curves in clingy dresses and skimpy bathing suits. Now they would probably sweat it out in a tent dress. Too fat? Too thin? Too short? Too old? You can’t win. There will always be an expensive product or procedure to “cure” some perceived flaw. If these ads teach us anything, its time to banish the body insecurity, don that bikini, and jump into the deep end. Summer’s too short."
Sarah B. Weir, Shine Staff Writer
Oct 11 '11
Oct 5 '11
Oct 5 '11

Why is it accepted that some people who eat a ton of food can stay thin, but not accepted that some people who eat a small amount of food can be fat?

Since thin people get diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, why is becoming thin suggested as a cure?

Why bother using BMI as a substitute for metabolic health measures when we can easily test metabolic health measures?

Doctors treat thin people for joint pain with options other than weight loss, why don’t they give fat people those same treatments?

Why do we believe that doing unhealthy things (liquid diet, smoking, urine injections coupled with starvation, stomach amputation) will lead to a healthy body?

If the diet industry’s product actually “cured fatness”, wouldn’t their profits be going down instead of up as more and more people were permanently thin?

Isn’t it medically unethical to prescribe something without telling your patients that it works less than 5% of the time with a much greater chance at leaving you heavier and less healthy than when you started?

Why do people continue to think that shaming people will lead them to health?

Why do we accept wide variations in things like foot and hand size, nose and lip shape etc. but expect every body to fit into a very narrow proportion of height and weight?

If weight gain isn’t proven to cause diabetes, high blood pressure etc., why would weight loss be recommended as a cure?

Since weight loss ads have to carry a “results not typical” warning, shouldn’t doctors have to give patients a similar warning?

Why do people take the time to come to my blog and make death threats?

Does anyone really succeed at hating themselves healthy? If so is it worth it?

If we’ve been prescribing dieting since the 1800s and still can’t prove that it works, shouldn’t we be trying something else?

How is it possible that suggesting that healthy habits are the best chance for a healthy body is controversial?


Some Things I Don’t Understand « Dances With Fat (via jerseyjezebel)

YES to everything but the death threats. 

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Oct 5 '11
Oct 5 '11
Oct 4 '11

MUAH MUAH MUAH, preach it sister!! Everyone should watch this. Love yourself no matter what. Be happy, be yourself, love yourself and don’t let anyone else try to tell you otherwise!!



Couldn’t post this on youtube, wanted to get it out there. 

I got a lot of comments about my “duty” as a fat woman, to alert all of you that being fat is BAD! and that I should warn you all about the dangers of being overweight and apparently because I didn’t mention diabetes, or other fat related illnesses in my video, I’m automatically promoting obesity. NEWS FLASH! This video is about loving your body, it should REALLY go without saying that just because the girl in the video is obese, the message is wide enough to encompass ALL PEOPLE of ALL SIZES and ALL BODY TYPES. 

I’m sorry if you didn’t “get” the point and that seeing someone so openly challenge the idea that you can be beautiful and vibrant and HEALTHY as well as OVERWEIGHT made you mad. I didn’t make this video for you, and all of the fucked up comments ARE being deleted because like I said, YOU DONT MATTER! Don’t try and shame me into feeling like I to tell ANYONE that they’re going to die if they don’t lose weight, doesn’t the media, society and tumblr trolls do that EVERY day? If you ARE overweight I guarantee that you know about it and that someone has encouraged you to lose weight or to make a lifestyle change and if that works/worked for you then Im glad to hear about it. But don’t you try and turn this message into a promotion of something when in it’s simplest form it is a light to the people who have been in the dark suffering and hoping that one day they’ll be able to be treated like a human being instead of ridiculed infinitely like a child. 

THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! We are changing the world, y’all. Fight the forces that want you to feel scared and ashamed of your body! Your body is great RIGHT NOW AND ALWAYS! Healthy or not, it’s not the point, don’t let anything keep you from being happy right now, at this very moment! End the concern trolling.


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Oct 4 '11
Oct 2 '11
Oct 2 '11
Oct 1 '11
Oct 1 '11
"Confidence is the only key. I know a lot of people who aren’t traditionally ‘beautiful’ - not symmetrical or perfect-bodied or perfect-skinned. But none of that matters because all that shines through is their confidence, humor and comfort with themselves. I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself."

Emma Stone  

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Oct 1 '11

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Sep 24 '11